20. Perish

1. Perish

2. Darkling Wood (2008)

Use Night Cars Podcast to relax and stay inspired. Find the sheet music at forestglimpse.ca

19. Song for Mom

1. Song for Mom (Nels' funeral)

2. Departure (2008)

Use Night Cars Podcast to relax and stay inspired. Find the sheet music at forestglimpse.ca

Night Cars Radio 4: Simon Haisell

1. A Short March by Simon Haisell

2. Prelude in C Major by J.S. Bach

Behold the recently completed bottle organ of talented Canadian composer Simon Haisell! Watch the video here. Night Cars Radio is proud to spotlight exceptional Canadian musicians and composers.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM7b8FSRCv0

18. Departure

1. Departure

2. Satyr

Use Night Cars Podcast to relax and stay inspired. Play guitar? Learn to play Greg's compositions at forestglimpse.ca

17. Adanedhel

1. Her Favourite Song

2. Adanedhel

3. Morgaine

4. Morph

5. Youth (Cale Shapera)

6. Faerie Dance

Night Cars Podcast is hosted by Sarah Trivett and produced by Jocelyne Block. Original guitar by Greg Block. Learn to play the compositions at www.forestglimpse.ca

Night Cars Radio 3: Jocelyne Block

In Night Cars Radio session 3, Night Cars Podcast producer Jocelyne Block slings the axe and tickles the keys.

Together, Jocelyne and Greg are rock n roll husband and wife duo Baby Jay. Make sure to check them out at babyjay.club and all music streaming services.

16. Windy

1. BBJ jam

2. Wet Stones (Baby Jay)

3. Passing of the Green Beings

4. Simple Son

5. Improvisation

Windy is the name of Greg and Jocelyne's first sailboat.

Book 1 + There and Then sheet music and tab now available in full at forestglimpse.ca

15: Manta Rays

1. BBJ jam

2. Snow Leopard

3. Dream Team

4. Foam Flower outro

5. Me and the Devil

6. Danny song

Night Cars: serenades for when sleep evades, original guitar and restorative music by Greg Block. Hosted by Sarah Trivett. Produced by Jocelyne Block.

Learn the original music for solo guitar at forestglimpse.ca

Night Cars Radio 2: Matt Jinks

The second installment of Night CarsRadio features original piano compositions by Matt Jinks of Vancouver, BC, recorded in 2012. Allow this beautiful music to sweep you away.

Keep an eye out for monthly Night Cars Radio episodes as part of your regular weekly Night Cars programming at nightcars.ca

14: In the Beginning

1. Wraith

2. Perish

3. Red Ship Opening

4. In the Beginning

5. Morning Flower

6. Mercury

7. Adanedhel intro

Echoes from sunken pirate ships, the scorching of a primordial sun, this is Night Cars Episode 14.

Use Night Cars as a sleep or napping aid, an introspective tool for meditation or yoga, inspirational honing of focus, or simply for enjoyment and deepening of contentment. Original guitar by Greg Block. Hosted by Sarah Trivett.

New episodes bi-weekly at nightcars.ca

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